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September 15, 2014, Comments Off

By Genevieve Plaster Now, four and a half years since the Affordable Care Act’s passage and nearing the end of its first year of implementation, concerns over elective abortion coverage …

Representative Katrina Jackson (LA-16)

Judge Grants Limited Abortion Law Enforcement in Louisiana, Exempts Some Facilities Still Seeking Admitting Privileges

September 9, 2014, Comments Off

*Featured image is Rep. Katrina Jackson (LA-16), author of Act 620, The Unsafe Abortion Protection Act. By Genevieve Plaster A federal judge on  Augu ...

white house

Preventive Services Mandate Accommodation, 8th Edition, Falls Short

September 4, 2014, Comments Off

By Chuck Donovan Liberty can be explained in a handful of words; deprivations of liberty usually require thousands.  That is the case with the latest ...

Stem Cells

Ethical Stem Cells Provide Model for Progress in Down Syndrome Research

August 20, 2014, Comments Off

By Gene Tarne Researchers using ethically uncontroversial induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) have achieved what appears to be a major breakthrough ...

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    March for Life Steps Up Against ACA Mandate
    July 18, 2014, Comments Off

    By Nicole Saunders Last week, amidst the media flurry following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the Hobby Lobby case, another legal fight began to brew. As with the Hobby ...