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Congressional desks
March 6, 2014, No comments

By Nora Sullivan When Virginia resident Lewis Reynolds was a child, he was hit on the head in a tragic accident that resulted in epileptic-like convulsions that lingered for years. …


New Studies Show All Emergency Contraceptives Can Cause Early Abortion

January 15, 2014, 1 Comment

By Susan Wills, JD, LLM (Click here for full PDF version of this report.) Whether the plaintiff is Hobby Lobby, the Little Sisters of the Poor or one ...


Belgium Expands Euthanasia Law to Include Children

December 13, 2013, No comments

By Nora Sullivan On Thursday of this week, the upper chamber of the Belgian Parliament voted by a significant majority to legalize the euthanasia of t ...


Twenty-Week Bans Raise Issue of Disability Discrimination Abortion

November 24, 2013, No comments

By Tom Messner and Chuck Donovan (Click here for the full PDF version of this report.) Twenty-week abortion bans shine light on the practice of disabi ...